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Pure Dermatology friend and front line worker, Dr. Marlowe Maylin, getting her first dose of COVID-19 vaccine
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Fillers. We love them right? Yes! Many of you have probably read or seen the news about facial filler inflammation after the Moderna COVID-19 vaccinition in the clinical trial. THis was seen in the trial participants out of the 15,000 that were injected with the vaccine. Two of the cases were in cheek filler performed before the vaccine was administered, and one case was in lip filler that was performed two days after the vaccine was given. One of the patients have had a previous similar reaction to her filler after the flu vaccine. Most importantly, all of these cases totally resolved with antihistamine and steroid use.

Why do we think this happens? Well, we want the vaccine to rev up our immune system.  And it has shown to do a great job at that!  The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine has been shown to be 94.5% effective in preventing infection and nobody in the clinical trial who got the vaccine got severely sick!  The immune system gets a little overly ambitious and can react to substances that it sees as “foreign” such as dermal filler.  Once again, this was all correctable with simple medical management.  Swelling resolved with antihistamines and steroids!  

Do you need to worry if you have had fillers and want to get the COVID-19 vaccine?  NO!  Pure Dermatology has lots of experience treating patients that have had fillers and reactions to filers.  We can answer questions that you have and help you through the process in the rare case that you were to get inflammation around your filler.

Of note, these reactions have not been noted with the Pfizer vaccine thus far and 20,000 participants were injected with vaccine in the trial.  As of December 26th, 2020, more than 1.9 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been given in the United States! This is remarkable!! These vaccines have been shown to be extremely SAFE!!   There have been several cases of severe allergic reaction in patients who have had severe allergic reactions to vaccines or shellfish.  All of these allergic reactions were successfully reversed with epi-pens and medical management.  If you have a history of severe allergies to vaccines in the past, it is suggested that you get the vaccine administered in or near a hospital.

We may see more reports of filler swelling, but we also may not!  There is no reason to avoid getting the COVID-19 vaccine if you have had fillers in the past.  Both Dr. Holcomb and Dr. Haseltine plan on getting the COVID-19 vaccine when it is available to them, and they have both had lots facial fillers!  Please call us with any questions that you may have about facial fillers and COVI-19 vaccine!  Here’s to a happy, healthy, and COVID-19 free 2021! Happy New Year!