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Too much King Cake to make up for no Mardi Gras? Ready to ditch the “Quarantine 15” and get back to your fitness routine and body goals? Want to push the envelope on your current gym workout? Are all your crunches resulting in not so flat abs? Got clean eating under control but looking for the extra edge to feel fit and gain muscle?

truSculpt flex is a personalized muscle-sculpting treatment that adjusts to your fitness level to strengthen, firm, and tone your muscles. truSculpt flex is non-invasive, painless, and requires no downtime. It is safe on all skin types and body types. It can help push your fitness goals to a whole new level.

truSculpt flex mimics an intense workout routine by using multi-directional muscle stimulation to simulate various exercises like stretching crunches, squats, and lunges. This intense action will strengthen, tone, sculpt, and firm the muscles of the arms, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and obliques.

How intense is the truSculpt flex workout? A 45-minute treatment on the truSculpt Flex is equivalent to doing 54,000 sit ups!  The Multi Directional Stimulation Technology sends 30 mA of current to muscles during treatment, which is 30 times the electrical signal that the body can do on its own. How’s that for some muscle stimulation?!

When paired with diet of moderation and regular exercise, patients see impressive results in their muscle strength and report an improvement in their overall well-being. For some, results may include a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift and never before seen obliques and six-pack. Other patients are reporting better posture and improved back pain due to the strengthening of your core that cannot be done with exercise alone. Patients who have undergone the truSculpt Flex series at Pure Dermatology have reported and improvement in abdominal rectal diathesis.  Others state they “feel stronger and that their clothes fit better”.

Post-procedure, patients may notice effects similar to an intense workout like tingling in the areas treated for up to a few hours and/or slight muscle soreness or tenderness for 24-72 hours. At Pure Dermatology, patients have also reported an intense endorphin high for a few days after like a great workout. So not only do you look better, but you also feel better and stronger.

The protocol for truSculpt flex is 6 initial treatments performed within 3 weeks and a single maintenance treatment every 3 months. All treatments are social distance friendly – you are alone in the room with one technician who can easily stay 6 feet away. Wearing a mask is easy and required. Pure Dermatology will also be launching a FLEX STRENGTH MEMERBSHIP soon, (similar to a gym membership or workout studio) which will help you maintain your truSculpt flex results and save you money on maintenance treatments. Book a consult today to discuss your treatment goals and the truSculpt flex. 

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