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New technology in skincare always gets us excited at Pure Dermatology and with lots of sun exposure in New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana we need all the protection and reverse aging we an get.

Enter new Mystro with P.A.T.H technology from SkinBetter Science. This ground-breaking product in skincare is a new favorite. With an earthy scent, this AM and PM skincare genius uses the power of plants to support the skin’s response to stress and to maintain balance. What really got people excited was study participants noticed improvement in redness and pore size as well as other markers of improved skin.

Plant adaptogens are not new…we’ve heard of ginseng, liquorice, and ashwagandha being good for you. BUT getting into skin vs. getting it via your gut is a whole different story. Also, just because a plant gets incorporated into skincare does not mean it does anything. SkinBetter took many of the known adaptogens and formulated and tested them for skin. They used bench side research to ensure the adaptogens they used were safe and that they had an effect in the skin. 87% of study participants said friends and family noticed an improvement in their skin.

The effects seen on skin were just as exciting after 12 weeks of use:

  • 100% of patients said there was an overall improvement in the quality of their skin
  • 98% of patients said they felt more confident in the appearance of their skin
  • 50% improvement in redness
  • 52% improvement in texture
  • 44% improvement in dullness
  • 23% reduction in pore size
  • 21% reduction in uneven pigmentation
  • 38% reduction in sebum

With cornflower blue packaging, the product appeals to both men and women (hello Father’s Day). And the company is great with metered dosing. One pump is enough for the whole face and neck-that 30mL bottle should last you 2-3 months of twice daily use. 

Can’t wait to try? Head to our store @ SkinBetter Science. If you buy 2 products from our store valued at $130 and over, we will send you a product  valued at $100.


Buy Mystro Here


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