Want to see a Profound reduction in Cellulite?

Profound reduction in Cellulite | Pure Dermatology

By: Dr. Kate Holcomb and Dr. Mara Haseltine, Pure Dermatology We have already been using Profound to tighten skin and increase elasticity of the Jowls and neck, but did you know we can also use Profound Body to help target cellulite, destroy small pockets of unwanted fat, and stimulate collagen? And while we have been […]

Introducing the Sculptra + Secret RF Combo

Sculptra feat

By: Dr. Kate Holcomb and Dr. Mara Haseltine, Pure Dermatology Beautiful, healthy skin is a journey. But with age, skin has a harder time keeping up: collagen production diminishes, patients complain of dull skin, and your skin doesn’t have the same resiliency or fullness. Our bodies start losing collagen around the age of 20, generally […]

4 Tips to Relieving Dry Skin and Achieving That Perfect Winter Skin

Achieving Perfect Winter Skin | Pure Dermatology

By: Dr. Kate Holcomb, Pure Dermatology When the temperature drops, dermatology visits for itchy and ashy skin have a tendency to go up! Lower humidity and indoor heat can draw the moisture out of our skin causing itchy rashes and dry skin. We know everyone loves a long hot shower when it’s cold out, but […]


Stripes Cinco De Mayo Instagram Post | Pure Dermatology

Do you, like most women, struggle with visible cellulite? Tired of uneven skin on your tummy and thighs? Not feeling comfortable rocking your favorite swimsuit this year? Don’t know where to start to see real changes?? Pure Dermatology is offering exclusive, customized cellulite treatment with combination therapies that include Profound® RF, Sculptra Aesthetic® injection, and […]


Flex Yoga Woman Pink

Book a FREE Consultation! Too much King Cake to make up for no Mardi Gras? Ready to ditch the “Quarantine 15” and get back to your fitness routine and body goals? Want to push the envelope on your current gym workout? Are all your crunches resulting in not so flat abs? Got clean eating under […]

Are you suffering from maskne during COVID-19?

Maskne During Covid-19 | Pure Dermatology

We frequently treat acne that occurs from friction, also called acne mechanica. Common examples include acne on the chin strap of a football player, folliculitis or acne bumps on bikers thighs biker shorts and friction of the bicycle seat, acne on the forehead due to helmets or wearing a scarf to contain your hair at […]

Epiphany Throws

facial cosmetic surgery | Pure Dermatology

  Do you have a covid mask with bling or shine to show off your smooth upper face? Receive a FREE mask when you get your Botox this month! Pure Dermatology is partnering with the New Orleans based, woman-owned company, Epiphany Throws that uses retired Mardi Gras Krewe costumes and turns them into amazing accessories […]

Botox Express

botox | Pure Dermatology

Botox Express Got home late and forgot to book your Botox appointment? Realize you have a wedding in 2 weeks and need some Jeuveau to smooth your crows’ feet in case you see you see your ex? Want your forehead smooth as glass with your mask on?…then you better get some Dysport fast? Try our […]

Botox Book Club

botox book club | Pure Dermatology

Multitask to the max with a private Botox in New Orleans Event at Pure Dermatology: Bring 10-15 of your closest friends for an evening in-office event. Hang with your friends from a safe distance, get your brow and smooth forehead “on point” to show off your face while wearing your mask? We do not promote […]


cosmetic surgery | Pure Dermatology

We perform Skin Checks all year at Pure Dermatology, but we particularly love doing checks in May!  Why? Because May is SKIN CANCER AWARENESS MONTH and a special time to remind our patients and ourselves about the importance of self-exams and annual skin cancer exams by a board-certified dermatologist. We know it seems funny to […]