Summer Safe Procedures @ Pure Dermatology

Summer Safe Procedures | Pure Dermatology

By: Dr. Mara Haseltine, Pure Dermatology Well, it’s summertime in New Orleans – the days are hot, long, and sunny.  Life almost seems to slow down a little as well.  The good news is that there is no shortage of procedures that are “summer safe” at Pure Dermatology. What does “Summer Safe” mean?  We use […]

Introducing Pure Dermatology SkinFit Memberships


By: Dr. Mara Haseltine, Pure Dermatology Healthy, glowing skin takes commitment – much like exercising for a strong physique or cardiovascular wellness. We deeply believe in the idea of skin fitness, so we have curated a SkinFit membership at multiple levels to suit all your skin health needs at every budget. Skincare memberships have become […]

It’s time to SUMMER PROOF and repair your skin!

skin health and restoration | Pure Dermatology

By: Dr. Mara Haseltine, Pure Dermatology Summer is a time for fun and spending more time outdoors! It’s also a great time to focus on overall skin health and restoration. Longer hours of sunlight and hot, dry, or humid weather can affect our skin differently than the colder, darker days of other seasons. It is […]

COVID-19 Moderna Vaccines

Dr. Marlowe Marlowe COVID-19 vaccine | Pure Dermatology

  Facial Fillers.  We love them for correcting wrinkles, smoothing lips, lifting cheeks and jowls?  Yes!  You may have read or seen the news about facial filler inflammation after the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination in the clinical trial.  This mild reaction was seen in three trial participants out of the 15,000 that were vaccinated.  Two of […]

Everything You Need to Know About Fillers

Dr. Haseltine | Pure Dermatology

Do you have questions about cosmetic dermal fillers for antiaging and fine lines?  Dr. Haseltine was interviewed by the staff of Adore Magazine for their article “Fillers 101: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know”.  She discusses facial contouring and how to enhance natural beauty.  She also answers questions about the pros and cons of filler […]

National Botox Day

National Botox Day | Pure Dematology

Save $300 on Botox Celebrate National Botox Day by saving on FULL CORRECTION used in clinical studies to achieve duration and high satisfaction. Buy 44 units and get 20 FREE ($300 savings). Save even more when you sign up for Pure Relax-to-the-Max Botox Membership at the same time. Buy Now VIP Pricing All Year! $150 […]