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botox book club | Pure Dermatology

Botox Book Club

Multitask to the max with a private Botox in New Orleans Event at Pure Dermatology:

Bring 10-15 of your closest friends for an evening in-office event. Hang with your friends from a safe distance, get your brow and smooth forehead “on point” to show off your face while wearing your mask? We do not promote the idea of a Botox party since these are usually performed outside of a medical office and may be done by an inexperienced injector. At Pure Dermatology Botox Book club you are receiving treatment from one of our board-certified dermatologists with years of experience in cosmetic dermatology.

No “Book Reading” is actually needed – but if you did read  – let us know the title and maybe we will read along!

Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau relax overactive muscles in the face and neck and reduce the repetitive movements that lead to wrinkles. Pure Dermatology offers Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau to patients in the New Orleans and Metairie, LA area. Dr. Holcomb and Dr. Haseltine use these treatments to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin aging.

Botox is a FDA-approved neuromodulator for moderate to severe frown lines between the brows (glabellar lines, 11’s), crow’s feet, forehead lines, and excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis). Dysport and Jeuveau were created after Botox and don’t have as many FDA-approved indications but most experts use them similarly to Botox. All wrinkle relaxers are used in “off-label” areas but these should only be done by an expert injector.

Botox with the best at Pure Dermatology’s Botox Book Club. Spend 2 hours with your closest pals in a social distancing friendly space.  Treat your wrinkles, have great convo, save money and time, and have fun!   

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