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Botox: You’ve come a long way, Baby

By: Dr. Mara Haseltine, Pure Dermatology


Botox was FDA approved in 1989 for muscular spasms.  In 1992, it was discovered to have a wrinkle relaxing effect when used In the upper face, and it received full FDA approval for frown line treatment in 2002.  Dysport was soon approved afterwards in 2009, and most recently Jeuveau in 2019.  All of these products are safe, effective, and have many years of clinical research and patient safety behind them.  Botox has become common in the public’s vocabulary to include all brands – much like Kleenex has become the recognizable word for all brands of facial tissue.


When cosmetic pioneers were first learning how to wield their Botox needles, it was more often about “erasing wrinkles” or “getting rid of lines.”  Some early methodologies produced cringe-worthy before and after pics!  These days, we understand more about anatomy and how to finesse these products to shape an eyebrow, lift the eyebrow, and open the eye beautifully and naturally.  I would ALWAYS choose a beautifully and naturally shaped eyebrow over the opportunity to relax every wrinkle in a patient’s face.   The “too much Botox” look is not beautiful and should be avoided.

Nefertiti Lift | Pure Dermatology


What other uses do Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau have?  Expert injectors have moved down the face from the forehead and discovered a magnitude of uses beyond “11” lines and crow’s feet.   A few well-placed units of neurotoxin can soften a gummy smile, upturn the corners of the mouth, and soften “bunny lines” when squinching up the nose.  The “lip-flip” is a commonly requested procedure at Pure Dermatology.  Less than 10 units of product placed along the lip-line can soften vertical lip lines and give about 1 mm of lip height.  Patients appreciate the subtle enhancement after receiving the “lip-flip.”

Nefertiti Lift

Another type of Botox lift is the “Nefertiti lift.”  The neck muscles become one with the facial muscles in the lowest part of the face along the jawline.  These neck muscles are considered “face depressors” because they pull down the muscles of the face, enhancing the dreaded “jowl.”  The “Nefertiti lift” is named after the sculpted jawline of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.  Precisely placed Botox, Dysport, or Jeuveau along the angle of the mandible can relax the neck depressor muscle, thus causing an overall elevation of the lower face muscle or a more sculpted jawline like Queen Nefertiti.   We also commonly place microdroplets of Botox along the vertical neck lines or “platysmal bands” to soften overall appearance of an aging neck.

Jaw Clenching and Face Slimming

Clenching jaw muscles is a common symptom of our stressful world.  This can lead to jaw pain and an enlarged masseter muscle which can cause a boxy, masculinized look.  Injections with product into the masseter muscle can relax the clenching muscles and soften a square face into a more heart-shaped face.

Chinnulite | Pure Dermatology


Have a problem with “chinnulite” or the dimpling that is common in the chin?  Pop in a few units of your favorite – Botox, Dypsort, or Jeuveau – and you will see softening of these dimples in no time!  Botox in the chin can also elongate the chin and slenderize the face.


Botox is also FDA-approved for excessive underarm sweating.  We also use it off-label for scalp sweating.  Ever heard of “Blow-Tox?”  This is great for people who love getting blow outs, but also love exercise.  Injecting Botox into the scalp can decrease sweating, oil, and can increase time to between washings and blow outs.

Thanks for learning about some of the newer uses for our work-horses: Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau!  Book an appointment through our Appointment Link to get your own treatment!

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