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Healthy, glowing skin takes commitment – much like exercising for a strong physique or cardiovascular wellness. We deeply believe in the idea of skin fitness, so we have curated a SkinFit membership at multiple levels to suit all your skin health needs at every budget. Skincare memberships have become increasingly popular. With a membership, you know you’re going to provide your skin with the care it needs each and every month. You’ll save money on the products and services that you love the most! And most importantly, you will be “in-the-know” for new products

It’s time to SUMMER PROOF and repair your skin!

skin health and restoration | Pure Dermatology
Summer is a time for fun and spending more time outdoors! It’s also a great time to focus on overall skin health and restoration. Longer hours of sunlight and hot, dry, or humid weather can affect our skin differently than the colder, darker days of other seasons. It is essential to protect your skin daily with high performance sunscreens to prevent today’s exposure from becoming tomorrow’s discolorations, fine lines, uneven tones, even skin cancers. But it’s also very important to repair the damage done in the days and years before.

Want to see a Profound Cellulite reduction?

Profound Cellulite Reduction | Pure Dermatology
We have already been using Profound to tighten skin and increase elasticity of the Jowls and neck, but did you know we can also use Profound Body to help target cellulite, destroy small pockets of unwanted fat, and stimulate collagen? And while we have been using Qwo the injectable treatment for cellulite and Sculptra, the injectable biostimulator for creating collagen, Profound Body combines microneedling with radiofrequency to treat stubborn cellulite and reduce pockets of unwanted fat. While all of these treatments take time to work, the benefit of Profound Body is

Introducing the Sculptra + Secret RF Combo

Sculptra + Secret RF Combo | Pure Dermatology
Beautiful, healthy skin is a journey. But with age, skin has a harder time keeping up: collagen production diminishes, patients complain of dull skin, and your skin doesn’t have the same resiliency or fullness. Our bodies start losing collagen around the age of 20, generally making about 1% less per year. Collagen loss varies from person to person and certain things can speed up the loss of collagen such as smoking and excessive sun tanning. By age 45, one may face up to 25% of facial collagen loss! Fortunately, we have two secret weapons in our skincare arsenal: Sculptra +

4 Tips to Relieving Dry Skin and Achieving That Perfect Winter Skin

Achieving Perfect Winter Skin | Pure Dermatology
When the temperature drops, dermatology visits for itchy and ashy skin have a tendency to go up! Lower humidity and indoor heat can draw the moisture out of our skin causing itchy rashes and dry skin. We know everyone loves a long hot shower when it’s cold out, but those steamy showers can take moisture away from our skin. Even the soaps we use can add to the problem. This time of year, many people enjoy going skiing or attending an outdoor Mardi Gras or sporting event. Unfortunately, outdoor exposure can also worsen dry skin.


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o you, like most women, struggle with visible cellulite? Tired of uneven skin on your tummy and thighs? Not feeling comfortable rocking your favorite swimsuit this year? Don’t know where to start to see real changes?? Pure Dermatology is offering exclusive, customized cellulite treatment with combination therapies that include Profound® RF, Sculptra Aesthetic® injection, and Qwo – a brand new, FDA approved treatment for cellulite. But wait, what’s the difference in all these treatments? Why use them together? Because every patient is different and we customize your plan for best


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Too much King Cake to make up for no Mardi Gras? Ready to ditch the “Quarantine 15” and get back to your fitness routine and body goals? Want to push the envelope on your current gym workout? Are all your crunches resulting in not so flat abs? Got clean eating under control but looking for the extra edge to feel fit and gain muscle? truSculpt flex is a personalized muscle-sculpting treatment that adjusts to your fitness level to strengthen, firm, and tone your muscles. truSculpt flex is non- help push your fitness goals to a whole new level.

COVID-19 Moderna Vaccines

Dr. Marlowe Marlowe COVID-19 vaccine | Pure Dermatology
Facial Fillers. We love them for correcting wrinkles, smoothing lips, lifting cheeks and jowls? Yes! You may have read or seen the news about facial filler inflammation after the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination in the clinical trial. This mild reaction was seen in three trial participants out of the 15,000 that were vaccinated. Two of the cases of swelling were seen in participants who had cheek filler performed before the vaccine was administered, and one case was seen in a participant who had lip filler that was performed two days after the vaccine was given. One of the patients

Everything You Need to Know About Fillers

Dr. Haseltine | Pure Dermatology
Do you have questions about cosmetic dermal fillers for antiaging and fine lines? Dr. Haseltine was interviewed by the staff of Adore Magazine for their article “Fillers 101: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know”. She discusses facial contouring and how to enhance natural beauty. She also answers questions about the pros and cons of filler treatment as well as side effects. The article covers what age patients should consider getting filler or other cosmetic treatments like laser, microneedling, microneedling RF, and chemical peels. Dr. Haseltine examines the trend of

Are you suffering from maskne during COVID-19?

Maskne During Covid-19 | Pure Dermatology
We frequently treat acne that occurs from friction, also called acne mechanica. Common examples include acne on the chin strap of a football player, folliculitis or acne bumps on bikers thighs biker shorts and friction of the bicycle seat, acne on the forehead due to helmets or wearing a scarf to contain your hair at night, and even acne on the butts of those wearing tight pants or skinny jeans. We are now seeing an uptick in skin conditions from wearing a mask to prevent the spread of COVID. Don’t despair, there are plenty options to treat your maskne, it