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Chemical Peels at Pure Dermatology

Chemical peels are skin treatments that have been used for over 50 years to allow for rapid skin cell turnover, production of new skin, or penetration into the skin to affect specific concerns. Peels are chosen by Dr. Holcomb,  Dr. Haseltine, or Nurse Practitioner Cherie specifically for your skin type and treat a multitude of varying skin conditions.

The name “chemical peel” is misleading because while some peels cause peeling and scaling for days after the procedure. Pure Dermatology offers peels that have no downtime, no missed days of work and cause very minimal surface peeling.

Chemical peels can help acne, rosacea, redness, rough texture, sunspots, melasma (mask of pregnancy), hyperpigmentation, sun damage, uneven coloring, and fine lines. Peels help to improve the overall appearance of the skin by improving texture and tone. They work gradually and are often performed in a series of 3-6 treatments, depending on the peel. We also offer an eye peel to help with pigmentation and a lip peel to help with the texture of the lips. Certain peels can even be used on pregnant patients and nursing mothers.

At Pure Dermatology, we offer a number of peels, including superficial and medium depth peels. Superficial peels often cause minimal dryness to a few days of peeling. Examples include salicylic acid peels, mandelic acid peels, lactic acid peels. The cost of superficial peels starts at $150 each and we also have special package pricing for Pure Dermatology patients.

Medium depth peels cause injury to both the epidermis and the top portion of the dermis, producing more of a peeling effect. These can cause shedding and dryness for up to a week. These have a greater effect on fine lines, blotchy skin and sun damage. At Pure Dermatology, we have medium depth peels for the face, neck, arms, and legs.

Peels Combined Effectively & Creatively

Glow for 5-7 days after this anti-inflammatory, no downtime laser and peel combination treatment which freshens skin, reduces the appearance of pores, and causes a tightening feeling to skin. Cost: $325. Add on a dermaplane treatment and make it even better. Package pricing also available. Repetitive treatments have additive effects. Can be repeated safely every 2-4 weeks.

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