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Cosmetic Procedures in New Orleans

If you’ve been having a hard time looking for a cosmetic dermatologist in New Orleans, then your search ends here. Pure Dermatology is a center for cosmetic surgery that you can trust. Our team of certified dermatologists, nurses, and assistants are here to treat you with care.
As your cosmetic procedure partner, we offer a customized approach to skincare and treatment. We have cosmetic options for all types of skin types and through all stages of life.

If you want to know more about our treatment plans and the best cosmetic procedures for face, body, and skin, schedule an appointment today.

Our Mission

At Pure Dermatology, our mission is to provide you with the best possible results from safe and effective cosmetic procedures. We also aim to educate our patients about their natural-born pure beauty and how we can accentuate them through personalized skin care and treatment plans.

Cosmetics Injectables

We offer a non-invasive, and effective way to keep your face symmetrical, prevent wrinkle formation, and improve body shape. Enhance your best features with our affordable cosmetics injectables. Check out these facial cosmetic non-invasive procedures below.

No Downtime Procedures

Rejuvenate your skin with our wide variety of no downtime cosmetic procedures. These treatments offer minimal discomfort and side effects. Best part? You achieve aesthetic improvement with no downtime! See our treatment options below.

Laser and Light Procedures

Pure Dermatology has a wide range of advanced treatments for skin rejuvenation, hair removal, and more. Equipped with modern equipment, we guarantee the best cosmetic surgery procedures for face, body, and skin. Take a look at our list of laser treatments.

Body Procedures & Fat Reduction

We can help you achieve a body you’re happy with. With our safe body cosmetic surgery procedures, we can trim down stubborn fats, tighten saggy skin, and define your features. Get the figure you’re confident of with our fat reduction solutions below.

Spot Removal

Scars? Age spots? And other skin conditions? We’ll help you get rid of those for a smoother and more flawless skin. We offer safe and effective spot removal treatments that address skin spots for all skin types. Say goodbye to scars and hello to perfect skin with the following treatments.