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Enlighten Spot Treatment

Enlighten Laser is the treatment of choice for age spots. This advanced laser can treat dark spots or pigmented lesions like lentigines in light and dark skin.

With versatile settings Enlighten works most efficiently when supervised by a board-certified dermatologist. Your treatment is directed by Dr. Holcomb and Dr. Haseltine and usually gives maximum results with just 2 treatments. Results are maintained for 3-5 years with proper skincare for maintenance.

There are 2 portions to the Enlighten laser treatment, a directed spot treatment of age spots which flake away and the PICO genesis laser toning which further clarifies and brightens skin. PICO genesis also gently tightens and refreshes the skin. 

What To Expect

Enlighten combined with PICO genesis takes about 20 minutes to treat the whole face or chest with sun spots and sun damage. There is minimal discomfort with treatment and most patients do not need numbing, We take comfort seriously at Pure Dermatology and have topical numbing available for each patient The PICO genesis is an additional benefit for further brightening and is a favorite alone for minimal to no downtime. 

We can treat most people and skin colors with Enlighten. Men do particularly with skin brightening with Enlighten and PICO genesis. Make an appointment with Dr. Haseltine or Dr. Holcomb to see if Enlighten is right for you!

PICO Genesis is a very safe and effective procedure may be used to improve the following skin concerns:

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