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Everything You Need to Know About Fillers

Dr. Haseltine | Pure Dermatology
Do you have questions about cosmetic dermal fillers for antiaging and fine lines?  Dr. Haseltine was interviewed by the staff of Adore Magazine for their article “Fillers 101: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know”.  She discusses facial contouring and how to enhance natural beauty.  She also answers questions about the pros and cons of filler treatment as well as side effects.  The article covers what age patients should consider getting filler or other cosmetic treatments like laser, microneedling, microneedling RF, and chemical peels. Dr. Haseltine examines the trend of prevention or “Prejuvination” to maintain your natural beauty!

A major focus of the article is that Pure Dermatology was chosen as one of the select practices to carry RHA Collection by Revance, the world’s first designer filler, a flexible hyaluronic acid injectable filler that adjusts with dynamic facial movement and looks like the body’s natural hyaluronic acid.  RHA was started in Europe by the Swiss company TEOXANE Laboratories and part of their Teosyl line. There have already been millions treated with this filler before it was brought to the United States but it is only offered with injections experts and select practices who can deliver an exceptional outcome.

Revance, the company who brought the RHA Collection to the US, also have a Botox competitor with the drug name DaxibotulinumtoxinA. It is currently awaiting FDA approval and launch in 2021.

 Here’s a small snippet of the article, but to read the entire article by the Adore Staff click here. 

What areas do people use fillers for the most?

Most modern fillers are made of hyaluronic acid which is found naturally in the skin. Expert injectors have moved away from “filling lines” and towards “facial contouring”. Facial contouring can include creating or restoring a youthful arch to a cheekbone or adding structure to a weak jawline or chin, thus enhancing the beauty of a young face or to lift sagging that occurs in an older face. Jawline and chin enhancement is especially popular right now, likely due to social media and selfies! It is incredibly important as an expert injector and board-certified dermatologist to respect the patient’s natural face shape and not distort the beauty they were born with, only to enhance it.

Bone loss, which begins around age 26, can make the skin not drape, or “tent,” as well on the face. Small amounts of filler placed strategically can make up for this bone loss and revolumize the face so that the skin appears younger and the face regains a more youthful shape. Envision a collapsing tent pole—if we put the tent pole back into place, the tent will smooth out. We also use filler on the body to improve lax skin of the chest, arms, upper knees and thighs and to build lifted, rounder buttocks (also known as the Brazilian butt lift). For these treatments, we usually do not use hyaluronic acid fillers, we use biostimulatory fillers (Radiesse and Sculptra Aesthetic) that last longer, build your body’s own collagen, and help improve skin quality.”

To read Dr. Haseltine’s entire article from Adore click here.

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