Following the rules and tips below will result in the best possible outcome with the least risk of unsatisfactory results
from your filler.


COVID-19 VACCINE: If you plan on receiving the covid vaccine within 2 weeks before or after your current filler appointment, we will need to reschedule out of caution as some adverse side effects have been reported by some patients.

DENTAL PROCEDURES AND FACIALS: For your safety, Pure Dermatology’s injectors will NOT perform filler injections within 2 weeks of a dental procedure. This includes routine cleanings. Manipulation of the teeth releases bacteria into the bloodstream which could deposit on your filler. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule; please plan accordingly. If you come to your appointment for filler and have had a dental procedure, we will have to charge you a cancellation fee ($100). We recommend not letting anyone dig at your face or perform extractions for 2 weeks on either side of your filler.

MEDICATIONS: Medications and supplements must be stopped 2 weeks before your intended filler appointment to make a difference. If “no bruising” is important to you, please stop the following products: Aspirin, NSAIDS (Ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, Motrin, etc.), fish oil, vitamin E, garlic supplements (garlic in food is OK), ginkgo, ginseng, ginger and St. John’s Wort. You may resume these products 24 hours after your filler. If you require blood thinners for a medical reason like history of a stroke, heart attack, or clot, then DO NOT STOP your blood thinners. If you take aspirin for general health benefits, then it is your choice to stop and reduce your risk of bruising. Medications and supplements may be resumed 24 hours after injection.

IMMUNE SUPPRESSION: While there may be an increased risk of infection if you have an impaired immune system, treatment by the physician is performed in a sterile manner. Please inform us of your immune status so the physician may discuss your options with you.

PREGNANCY: We do not inject pregnant patients as we would not want to expose your child to unnecessary topical anesthetic or any stress from the mild discomfort during the procedure.

BREASTFEEDING: The topical anesthetic we used during treatment will be cleared from your body about 4 hours after application. Therefore, if you can pump and discard (“pump and dump”) for the next 5 hours, then you are eligible to have filler.

COLD SORES/INFECTIONS: If you have a history of cold sores, staph, or other infection of the skin, on the face, please let us know before your injection appointment.

COMBINING PROCEDURES: If you are scheduling multiple procedures or have had facial procedure treatments in the days prior to your appointment, please let our staff know, to ensure you are properly booked.