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Give Your Face a triLift

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Give Your Face a triLift

Ever wanted a “non-surgical facelift?” At Pure Dermatology, we like to keep up with the latest and most innovative scientific discoveries and devices. That’s why we were so excited to discover the triLift by Lumenis device. The triLIft device addresses multiple layers of the facial anatomy – the muscle, dermis, and epidermis to deliver the non-surgical facelift that everyone desires.

It is the first device to address one of the main causes of facial sagging and drooping – loss of muscle tone on the face!  As you age, the facial muscles lose strength they once had, causing sagging jowls, facial wrinkles and fine lines.  Toning your muscles shouldn’t stop at your body – your face needs a workout too!  The Lumenis triLift tones and lifts these muscles with the Dynamic Muscle Stimulation treatment (DMSt), leading to a lifted cheek and jowl!  You’ll walk away from your 30-minute session with a well – defined, toned, facelift-like effect. 

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We love this device for its other modes as well – the triPolar radiofreqency can increase dermal collagen by 50% and decrease facial wrinkles.  The triLift also has TriFX RF Microneedling for the most superficial layer, the epidermis, and this technology can increase the hyaluronic acid amount in your skin.   This revolutionary technology doesn’t even require numbing medication.  

For a long time – we thought radiofrequency microneedling was better if the needles were longer, thicker, or stayed in the skin longer.  But this can be PAINFUL (think: Morpheus procedure) and we had numerous patients that have walked away from microneedling packages at other clinics because they couldn’t tolerate the pain!   The TriFX RF needles are ultra-thin and painless, yet still extremely effective at evening skin tone, texture, decreasing fine lines and increasing hyaluronic acid.  

The treatment consists of five weekly, quick, relatively painless sessions.  The results can be seen immediately and can last more than 6 months.  We recommend a booster session every 6 months to maintain results.  Minimal downtime – you can do this over your lunch break and go back to work!  And minimal risk – no healing scars, general anesthesia or fear of unnatural looking results!  Book an appointment by using the link below to discuss the triLIft procedure.  Don’t leave face day out of your work-out routine!

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