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We perform Skin Checks all year at Pure Dermatology, but we particularly love doing checks in May!  Why? Because May is SKIN CANCER AWARENESS MONTH and a special time to remind our patients and ourselves about the importance of self-exams and annual skin cancer exams by a board-certified dermatologist. We know it seems funny to get totally naked at the doctor’s office but skin cancer can occur in hidden places like the scalp and between the toes, so a thorough exam involves a look EVERYWHERE!  It’s totally fine and don’t be embarrassed – we are dermatologists! SKIN is SKIN no matter what part of the body it is covering

Skin Cancer Facts:


Being aware of your own body and the spots you have is a good habit to assist with early detection. Anything new or changing should be seen by a dermatologist.  We will evaluate the area of concern and possibly perform a skin biopsy if the area looks worrisome. Get more information on skin self-exams at home at thebigsee.org.

If you have had a skin cancer (even if it was years ago), we recommend a full body skin check every year. If you have had a melanoma, we recommend a skin check at least 2 times per year.

The earlier a skin cancer is diagnosed, the more successful the chance of cure.  

We recommend looking at the ABCDE’s when checking for melanoma (link back to our melanoma page) but some people have so many moles that it is hard for them to examine at home. There is a new type of in office imaging called skinIO that we offer at Pure Dermatology.

SkinIO full-body imaging is for people more at risk for melanoma to help you perform self-examinations at home and help us track your moles when we see you in the office. 

SkinIO takes standardized pictures of your moles and uses up-to-date technology to track changes. SkinIO Full-Body Imaging starts with a set of 13 photos of the front, back, left and right of your head, torso and legs. It may also involve photographing your feet and hands.

Some insurances pay for this technology – if your insurance does not cover this new technology, we offer a cash pay price that can be paid with your HSA.

SPF: We recommend everyone wear an SPF of 30 or more on the face and neck. At Pure Dermatology, we pride ourselves on “efficient skincare” and helping patients select the most effective steps for skin health and clarity. We work hard to help you find a sunscreen you will LOVE for your skin type. (route to sales)

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