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Laser Genesis at Pure Dermatology

Using micro-pulses of laser energy to activate collagen, Laser Genesis is a patented treatment by Cutera and one of the most popular settings on the Excel V. It is a no downtime laser treatment that uses micro-pulses of laser energy to activate the production of collagen to reverse sun damage, promote a vibrant healthy-looking complexion, and improve the appearance of scars. Laser Genesis is a painless, non-invasive procedure that takes about 15 minutes and is performed in a series.

Because Laser Genesis is gentle, you may not notice much after the first treatment, however, with repeated treatments the results can be dramatic.  The benefits of Laser Genesis to promote the skin’s natural processes and reversal of common signs of aging continue even after your treatment series is complete.

Laser Genesis is safe in all skin types and the board-certified dermatologists at Pure Dermatology have experience treating all skin types and ethnicities with Laser Genesis. It can be used in all areas on the face and body.

Laser Genesis is a very safe and effective procedure that may be used to improve the following skin concerns:

Patients may experience mild pinkness and swelling for a few hours following the treatment but can expect to return to regular activities immediately.  Occasionally scars can be itchy and swollen after the treatment. Laser Genesis does not compromise the skin so you can put on makeup or sunscreen and return to work immediately after your treatment.

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