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Laser Hair Removal at Pure Dermatology

Pure Dermatology offers the modern technology available for reducing unwanted hair with laser hair removal for all skin types. The benefit of laser hair removal over older methods like shaving, plucking, and waxing is that it reduces bumps and irritation. Undergoing laser hair removal reduces the time you need to spend grooming with razors, depilatories, waxing, and plucking.

We have 2 devices at Pure Dermatology to make sure we can deliver safe and effective treatments to reduce unwanted hair, treat folliculitis, and shaving bumps and leave skin smooth and unblemished. We can treat all skin colors and types at Pure Dermatology and all of our laser treatments are directed by our board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Kate Zibilich Holcomb and Dr. Mara Haseltine.

Laser hair removal can be performed on all body areas with the right patient selection. Areas eligible for treatment include the face, underarms, legs, bikini, neck, unibrow, back, abdomen, breasts, and buttocks.

Who is Laser Hair removal for?

Both men and women are candidates for laser hair removal. For some patients, the goal of laser hair removal is complete permanent hair reduction; however, other patients elect for a few treatments to eradicate painful shaving bumps or razor bumps. The bumps and pigmentation that occur with shaving and waxing can improve in as little as 1 treatment of laser hair removal.

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Pure Dermatology offers the Lumenis Desire, a powerful diode laser, a laser that uses selective photothermolysis to selectively heat and destroy the pigment in the hair and protect the surrounding tissue. The LightSheer delivers high satisfaction and ChillTip contact cooling technology for excellent comfort and safety.

It also has a large 22 X 35mm spot size vacuum assisted handpiece which delivers an exceptionally fast treatment to large body areas with high-performance.

How Many Treatments are required?

Smooth skin that lasts: to get the most value and safest treatment, you will have a consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Kate Zibilich Holcomb or Dr. Mara Haseltine. Generally, there is a decrease of 60-90% of hairs after 6-8 treatments.  Laser hair treatment is considered a permanent reduction, although some hairs may grow back slowly over time requiring touch up treatments about every 1-2 years.


Hairs grow in different cycles, so the laser treatments must be done in several sessions in order to target all of hairs. Hair removal lasers use the dark pigment, as the target in the hair follicle, so unfortunately lasers will not work on light, white hairs.  It is not very painful; most people describe it as little rubber bands hitting the skin. Both of the devices at Pure Dermatology have cooling tips which protect the skin and make the treatment more comfortable. If you are having discomfort, talk to your physician about using a topical numbing cream in sensitive areas prior to laser hair removal. As treatments progress, they become less painful, as there is less hair to treat! Some hairs will fall out immediately after treatment, and some may take two to three weeks after treatment to shed.

The Light Sheer Desire by Lumenis is extremely effective, and is faster and less painful than lasers of years past. With 2 sizes of handpieces, the treatment can be customized to work quickly for large body areas. The Excel V has a long pulse 1064nm which is safe and effective in dark skin. 

Before your procedure

Laser hair removal is generally a “no downtime” procedure, although there is some preparation before your visit. Because the laser sees pigment, hair should not be waxed or tweezed at least 4-6 weeks before your appointment. If hair has been pulled from the follicle then there is nothing to treat. Shaving and depilatories that remove the hair are preferred. Additionally, we ask that you come to your visit shaved to make the visit efficient. It is not safe to perform laser hair removal on tan skin, so make sure to wear your sunscreen and wear SPF clothing before your laser hair removal appointment and do not have a spray tan or cream tan at least 3 weeks before your appointment.

Rarely, patients get little pink inflamed hair follicles after laser hair removal.  These go away quickly, and you can talk to your physician about how to speed up their resolution. 

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular laser procedures in the United States. This has resulted in this service being offered at many medical spas and laser centers. However, going to a board-certified dermatologist ensures you receive laser treatment that is safe and effective and tailored to your particular skin color and needs. It is also important to be sure that laser hair removal is right for you as there are some medical conditions that cause excessive hair growth and if undiagnosed will result in useless treatments and a waste of time and money. The board-certified dermatologists at Pure Dermatology, have over 25 years of combined experience in performing laser hair removal as well as correcting problems from poorly performed treatments from unsupervised laser centers.

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