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Do you, like most women, struggle with visible cellulite? Tired of uneven skin on your tummy and thighs? Not feeling comfortable rocking your favorite swimsuit this year? Don’t know where to start to see real changes??

Pure Dermatology is offering exclusive, customized cellulite treatment with combination therapies that include Profound® RF, Sculptra Aesthetic® injection, and Qwo – a brand new, FDA approved treatment for cellulite.

But wait, what’s the difference in all these treatments? Why use them together?

Because every patient is different and we customize your plan for best results!

Qwo is the first of its kind: an injectable treatment that reduces moderate to severe cellulite. As a non-surgical treatment, the process is quick and easy, and the injections can take as little as ten minutes. Qwo works by gradually dissolving the fibrous septae that cause the skin to pull and bulge across the buttocks and thighs, which allows the skin to lay more evenly across the body, and the results can last for a year or more. 


Profound couples radiofrequency energy with a microneedling delivery system to the deep layer of the skin to stimulate the development of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid and help with sagging on the face and body.  Profound can also deliver radiofrequency energy to the subcutaneous (or fat) layer of the skin and fibrous septae of the fat layer.  Delivering energy to this layer of the skin allows the Profound® to successfully treat cellulite.

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Sculptra® is a synthetic, biocompatible polymer that is injected below the surface of the skin in areas of fat loss. This works to increase volume and stimulate collagen in areas of the face, thighs, or buttocks that would otherwise appear less “full” and tight

At Pure Dermatology we combine these treatments into a customized treatment plan for each patient to provide smoother, tighter skin based on your body’s individual needs. Dr. Haseltine and Dr. Holcomb are board certified dermatologists ready to give you the quality care you and your body deserve.

Since it’s Cinco de Mayo and we are Celebrating the Start of Summer you’ll get FREE gifts for attending and lots of specials will be offered at this fun event!

$25 reservation fee to control crowding can be used towards any purchase on day of event.

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