Following the rules and tips below will result in the best possible outcome with the least risk of unsatisfactory results from
laser treatment.


Hollywood laser peel is also known as the “red carpet laser.” This procedure will have you walking out looking glowing and amazing. When you repeat treatments, it helps with oil control, acne, and helps skin overall texture and tone.

Laser toning is HLP without the carbon. It is used for skin revitalization in those with dark skin types and melasma. It helps even out pigment and improve skin tone to look more even and bright. If Laser toning or HLP is performed alone, there is USUALLY no downtime.

Both HLP and laser toning have no downtime except for an occasional itchy bump reaction that can occur in pproximately
1/100 patients. It looks like acne but itches, lasts for about 5 days, can be covered with makeup, and you may take
antihistamines like Claritin or Zyrtec if this occurs.


Spectra spot treatment for brown spots is safe in most skin types. The laser targets dark brown pigment-like sunspots and seborrheic keratoses. This treatment can be performed safely on the face, arms, hands, legs, and body. It is slightly uncomfortable but numbing medication is often not necessary. If patients need numbing, this can be provided but adds about 30 minutes to the treatment time.]

The brown spots will swell, crust or blister. They then peel off and lighten. It takes about 5-7 days for them to go away on the faceand up to 3 weeks to go away on the hands, legs and body. You can cover them with makeup when healing but make sure to useclean brushes and fresh makeup.

Moisturize all inflamed brown spots multiple times per day Pure Dermatology recommends Avene Cicalfate, which can be purchased at Pure Dermatology; it speeds healing and sun protects at the same time. If not using Cicalfate, any fragrance-free over the counter ointment like Vaseline, Vaniply, or Aquaphor may be used.

BRUISING: Not a risk.
IMMUNE SUPPRESSION: HLP does not break down skin. It is compatible with immune suppression. Please discuss your condition
with your physician before treatment.

PREGNANCY: HLP and laser toning are safe in pregnancy. Since Spectra Spot is more uncomfortable and we do not want to subject
your unborn child to unnecessary stress, we will not spot treat in pregnancy.

BREASTFEEDING: Since topical numbing is not necessary, HLP, laser toning, and spectra spot are compatible with breastfeeding.

 COLD SORES: If you have a history of herpes or cold sores occurring anywhere on the face, please let us know before yourappointment.

INFECTION: If you have a history of staph or other infection on the skin, please let us know before your appointment. 

Please call with any questions before your visit, at 504-226-7873.