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Summer Safe Procedures | Pure Dermatology

Summer Safe Procedures @ Pure Dermatology

By: Dr. Mara Haseltine, Pure Dermatology

Well, it’s summertime in New Orleans – the days are hot, long, and sunny.  Life almost seems to slow down a little as well.  The good news is that there is no shortage of procedures that are “summer safe” at Pure Dermatology.

What does “Summer Safe” mean?  We use this term to describe procedures that are low risk in the summer – even if you have been to the beach and (accidentally) gotten a suntan.  These laser/devices won’t be targeting melanin (or pigment) in your skin – so they have inherently less risk during summertime than other lasers that could confuse your suntan with their intended target!

Microneedling and Secret RF

Microneedling and Secret RF (microneedling with radiofrequency) are some of our favorite Summer Safe Procedures.  These devices cause controlled micro injury to the skin, which triggers your body to create more collagen.   Microneedling and Secret RF go past the first layer of skin (where the pigment resides) to reach the collagen in the second layer of the skin, thus eliminating risk of accidentally targeting melanin.  Traditional microneedling has been a standard treatment in dermatology for decades. For the last several years, microneedling has gotten a boost by adding radiofrequency (heat energy) to the tips of the needles, dramatically improving results.  Secret RF is one of our most performed procedures at Pure Dermatology.

Diamond Glow Facials

Diamond Glow Facials are also popular procedures in the summer.  This AMAZING facial uses a patented diamond tip to exfoliate the skin while using suction to extract.  Meanwhile, your skin will also be infused with a customizable serum.  You will walk away feeling refreshed, clean, and shining bright like a diamond💎!

Diamond Glow Facials | Pure Dermatology

Chemical Peels

Most peels performed at Pure Dermatology are safe in the summer.  IF you arrive at your appointment a little too sun-kissed, one of our team members will likely check in with a provider to see what peel will be appropriate but still effective for your treatment plan.

Botox and Fillers Cosmetic Injectables

Injectable treatments are safe in every season.  Botox and Fillers can be performed rain or shine☺.  Qwo is a new injectable to treat cellulite. This treatment is novel and effective, yet you can walk away with quite a bit of bruising in the treatment area.  You may feel okay treating your bum before a beach trip if this area is going to be covered by a swimsuit.   You may want to mention your trip to your injector if you plan on treating cellulite on the thighs before you hit the beach, as the thighs can be more difficult to cover up!


Most body-sculpting procedures are Summer Safe.  TruSculpt ID, our fat melting device, has zero downtime, and you could be sipping a cocktail on the beach later in the day!  TruSculpt Flex is also zero downtime.  This muscle toning device is a popular pre-beach vacation procedure – patients like the way It strengthens their core and makes them feel confident and strong on vacation. 

Melasma and Dark Spots

We don’t love treating melasma or dark spots during the summer, because the sun is a formidable foe!   A weekend trip to Destin can undo any progress made by a laser, and it can be discouraging.  We prefer to maintain laser results that are performed in the winter with efficiently chosen skincare over the summer.  Broad Spectrum SPF, SkinBetter Science Alto Advanced, and Cyspera Intensive are some of our favorites for melasma treatment during sunny months.   

Herbal Supplements

Heliocare, an oral herbal antioxidant supplement is a dermatologist’s favorite supplement that can be added to further protect you from the sun and help with pigmentary changes.  All of these products are available from our website!

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements that will allow you to have premier access to all Summer Safe procedures this summer.  Skin health takes commitment, and we have a plan to make it easier for you to commit! 

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