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Tattoo Removal at Pure Dermatology

Enlighten is the most advanced tattoo removal laser on the market.  It can treat tattoos in the least amount of treatments and the fastest compared with older devices and with other picosecond lasers.

As with all of Cutera’s lasers, versatility is the key.  With 3 wavelengths, all colors can be targeted. This was not possible with previous devices as blues and purples were often hard to erase, leaving the ghost of a tattoo present.  The Enlighten also delivers the energy in both the nanosecond and picosecond range, allowing for better clearance as the pigment gets smaller with subsequent treatments. With multiple spot sizes, including very small spot sizes, the treatment can be done on precise portions of a tattoo. With the large spot sizes, the Enlighten can treat rapidly and can address pigment that is deposited deep, a limitation of older devices.

Patients at Pure Dermatology report that the treatment is less painful.  We inject the skin with numbing medication and let the patient sit for a few minutes before treating.  The procedure itself only takes a few minutes but it is tolerable to painless if the numbing medication is used.  While there is still the possibility of slight lightening in the area of the tattoo and a small amount of scarring, the risk is miniscule compared with that of older devices.

Tattoo Removal In New Orleans

With Enlighten we can get the best possible clearance with the least amount of treatments.  We usually space the treatments 2 months apart to let the body do its job to clear the pigment.  It still may take 8-12 months to get rid of the tattoo but it is usually done in 3-6 treatments vs. the traditional 10 or more treatments required with old tattoo removal machines.  It can also be used to treat tattoos that were previously treated and failed with old devices.

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