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The triLift by Lumenis is an in-office treatment that can “lift the face” without surgery or pain. triLift can address all layers of the skin to firm the cheeks, lift the jowls, and leave you with a more sculpted jawline. It also improves the surface skin texture to have smoother skin.

Come for a FREE triLift non-surgical facelift all day on January 31st to see if the in-office facelift is right for you.

triLift works to achieve a non-surgical facelift by addressing 3 elements of aging in 1 device:
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Dynamic Muscle Stimulation

Activate muscles for a well-defined, toned and lifted look.

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Tripolar RadioFrequency

Increase dermal thickness by 50%¹ and address facial wrinkles.

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TriFX RF Microneedling

Naturally boost hyaluronic acid production by X32 with ultrathin needles

We have long used radiofrequency and microneedling devices to build more collagen for the superficial layers of the skin. TriLift non-surgical facelift device is the first treatment to address sagging and drooping related to weakened facial muscles. As we age, our facial muscles lose strength and weave more loosely together. The revolutionary Dynamic Muscle Stimulation technology (DMSt) technology stimulates your facial muscles, leading to less drooping, more lifted jowls, increased firmness to cheeks and a younger looking face without surgery!

Come for a FREE triLift non-surgical facelift all day on January 31st to see if the in-office facelift is right for you.

The second component of the triLift is the tripolar Radiofrequency that delivers energy to the dermis to create collagen and result in smoother skin and wrinkle reduction by supporting the lifting of the muscles.

The last component is the TriFX RF Microneedling which can naturally boost hyaluronic acid production to address skin tone and fine lines in the superficialor upper layers of the skin. 

There is no pain and very minimal downtime with the triLift non-surgical facelift. We love to combine triLift with “icing on the cake” and combine it with another great treatment that also boosts skin hydration, Skinvive.

Who is a candidate for the triLift procedure?

We start to lose muscle tone in our late 30s and early 40s – this happens on the body AND the face. A lot of us exercise our bodies to maintain a toned physique, but we haven’t had the opportunity tone our facial muscles with a treatment in-office until now. 

TriLift may be right for you if you have any of the following skin concerns:


The best way to see if the triLift is right for you is to visit us at Pure Dermatology. You can click the link below to schedule a FREE Consult.

What are the triLIft treatments like?

The triLIft is a series of FIVE weekly treatments. All five treatments will have the muscle stimulation and tripolar radiofrequency component. The first, third, and fifth treatment will also have the TriFX ultra-thin microneedling component.  

Does the triLift have downtime?

For the lift sessions in treatment 2 and 4 (no microneedling) you will likely experience some flushing which usually resolves within a few hours. These sessions are shorter, and you can apply makeup immediately after and resume all normal activities. 

For the sessions that include TriFX ultra-thin microneedling component, you should refrain from wearing cosmetics or harsh skin care products for 24 hours after each session. Most patients experience some redness immediately following the sessions, but this will resolve naturally in 2 – 3 days. Depending on your skin type, some patients may notice some redness or small scabbing for about 1-3 days. You need to avoid the sun and wear strict sunscreen for 1 week after the microneedling sessions.  

Is the triLIft procedure painful?

We are excited to report that the triLift “lunchtime facelift” device is one of the least painful devices that we have encountered. The muscle stimulation feels like a small “twitch,” while the tripolar radiofrequency feels like a hot stone massage. The TriFX ultrathin microneedling uses special ultrathin needles that don’t even require topical anesthesia!  Say goodbye to painful radiofrequency microneedling procedures (take that Morpheus pain)!  Needles that are longer, thicker, and stay in longer do not guarantee a better result, and we were tired of hearing from patients how painful some of these procedures can be. We have had numerous patients walk away from painful microneedling procedure packages at other offices.  

How long does the triLift procedure take?

The treatment sessions to “Lift your face” vary between 30-50 minutes depending on the treatment. The sessions without micronedling can be safely performed on a 30-minute lunch break. 

The first, third, and fifth sessions add on triFX RF Microneedling and l take about 20 minutes longer. This procedure is relatively painless, so we don’t generally have extra topical numbing time that saves about 30 minutes!

How quickly will I see results from the triLift procedure?

Your triLift facelift sessions will sometimes show immediate results but optimal results occur after the series of 5 treatments is complete. Immediate improvement after 1 treatment is often due to the heat and minor swelling from the radiofrequency component. 

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Patients need the full five weekly treatments to see prolonged non-surgical facelift results with triLift and continued improvement can be seen over the treatment course.

Some people love the results so much that they like to come every 3 months. There is no downside to coming in more regularly for your treatment. 

What are the reasons that I should do the triLift procedure instead of a facelift?

Surgical procedures, while sometimes necessary and often wonderful, carry much more risk of side effects, downtime and cost. The average cost of a facelift in the New Orleans area is around $15,000. Surgical facelift has weeks of downtime, and the risk of surgical complication is higher in older patients with multiple medical issues. A large portion of our patients don’t want to “undergo the knife” for fear of looking unnatural as well. Surgical changes carry more permanent changes than most non-invasive procedures. The benefits of the triLift procedure over a facelift are improved cost, less downtime, less invasive, and less risk!!

What are the reasons that I should do the triLift procedure instead of a facelift?

Yes! triLift is compatible with wrinkle relaxers like Botox, fillers treatment, and lasers for discoloration redness. One of the benefits of the triLift procedure is that you will likely need less fillers! The triLift is naturally lifting your face by stimulating all layers of the skin, so your anatomy will respond better to fillers, and you will look natural – which we love!!

Come for a FREE triLift non-surgical facelift consutation to see if the in-office facelift is right for you.

Dr. Holcomb trains physicians nationwide on the use of other fillers. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Tulane University School of Medicine where she teaches monthly at the dermatology Resident Cosmetic Clinic,, focusing on cosmetic injectables. Dr. Haselitne is an Assistant Clinical Professor at both LSU School of Medicine and Tulane School of Medicine. Dr. Haseltine oversees and teaches LSU Dermatology Residents at their monthly cosmetic clinic. Using their skill set and expertise, Dr. Holcomb, Dr. Haseltine and Pure Dermatology are able to provide high quality dermatology care in New Orleans.

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